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Tretinoin as a Treatment for Skin Care

Tretinoin is a drug with a function to treat acne. These drugs can reduce the amount and pain of acne and encourage rapid recovery in developing zits. Tretinoin is included in a class of drugs called retinoids. This drug works by affecting the growth of skin cells. Other uses, this section contains the use of this medication that is not listed on an approved label, but may be prescribed by your health professional. Use this medicine for the conditions listed below only if it has been prescribed by your doctor and health professional. Another form of this treatment is used to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. Your doctor can also give this medicine to treat other conditions.

How do you use Tretinoin?

Read the drug guide and Patient Information Brochure provided by the pharmacy, if available, before you get this medicine and …

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