Best Hair Care Treatments and Products

Our hair undergoes a lot of damage and has to put up with a myriad number of different chemicals and treatments each week. It’s no wonder our hair sometimes doesn’t want to play nicely with us when you brush it. Heat styling and hair dye are just two of the many things that can affect our hair and its health.

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We should pay more attention to the health of our hair. Which health treatments, shampoos, conditioners and other products and processes should we be using? By reading reviews of online stores, we’ll know about the products to buy and use from the feedback and experiences of real-world customers that have shared their insights on platforms such as Reviews Bird. These opinions will help us to make better-informed buying decisions before we spend our own money.

Leave-In Conditioners:

The best treatments and hair care tip is to use leave-in conditioners. Our hair is easily damaged when it’s wet. Refrain from brushing wet hair and rather allow hair to air dry. Leave-in conditioners add protection to your hair that prevents damage and breakage of fair fibres. These types of conditioners also help to add moisture to your hair for smoother and shinier and healthier hair.

No Hot Water:

Hair is also damaged through hot showers. While the hot water is sometimes good for our skin, it makes your hair dry and brittle and removes the natural layers of protection from it. When you wash your hair, rather cool the water to a luke warm temperature that’s around the same as your body temperature.

Protein Treatments:

Our hair needs good products to prevent damage and improve its health. Treatments and products with absorbable proteins increase the strength of our hair and add more body and smoothness to it. In the list of ingredients, check for magnesium and modified proteins as these repair damaged hair. You should add these protein treatments as a once-a-week task to your beauty routine.

Hot Oil Treatments:

Improving the moisture of your hair improves its overall health. Deep conditioning your hair with hot oils such as olive oil – the same that you use in your kitchen. Simply heat up half a cup of olive oil, but don’t boil it. Carefully massage the oil into your hair and wrap your head in a towel to prolong the heat effects of the olive oil for as long as possible. After 45 minutes, you can shampoo and rinse the olive oil from your hair and you’ll immediately feel your hair feeling fuller and shinier.


The rule of thumb is to wash your hair only every 2 to 3 days.  As we’ve mentioned, don’t use hot water when you do wash your hair as that can damage your hair. Don’t rub our hair too much when it is wet and that leads to breakage and can strip your hair fibres of essential layers of natural protection too. You should use a wide-toothed detangling comb to remove any tangles and knots, but don’t brush your hair until it is dry.